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Offenderwatch Safe Virtual Neighborhood Parent App to monitor, detect, alert

Keep Your Child Safer Online
Online predators are a reality. But now there’s a tool to help parents protect their children from sex offenders. Law enforcement agencies have partnered with OffenderWatch to offer Safe Virtual Neighborhood, a new app designed to notify parents of registered sex offenders in their neighborhood or near school or work. On the app you’ll be able to find sex offenders on a map, locate your family, and get alerts from law enforcement about sex offenders in your neighborhood.

You can choose to add a Protect Plus subscription to enable monitoring of your child’s phone calls, text messages, emails and location. Parents or guardians will receive an alert if a child is contacted by a registered sex offender or lingers near a registered sex offender’s home. The Protect Plus subscription is just $9.99 per year and covers the entire family.

OffenderWatch Safe Virtual Neighborhood is on patrol for your child’s online safety.

Safe Virtual Neighborhood is now available through participating sheriffs’ and police departments. The app will be available in more states soon.

The Only App Partnered with Law Enforcement
Safe Virtual Neighborhood is the only app that directly partners with law enforcement to analyze sex offender data. Safe Virtual Neighborhood cross-references sex offender data pulled directly from participating law enforcement departments with people contacting your child’s smartphone or device. If a registered sex offender in the OffenderWatch Network contacts your child via text, phone call, or email — or if your child is near an offender’s home — you’ll be alerted.

Once you sign up for Safe Virtual Neighborhood, you’ll also receive email and postal OffenderWatch alerts if a registered sex offender moves into your neighborhood.

How the Protect Plus Subscription Works
1 Analyze Sex Offender Data
Safe Virtual Neighborhood uses accurate data provided directly by law enforcement to monitor communications from accounts of registered sex offenders.

2 Monitor Child Device
The app monitors texts, phone calls, emails and the location on your child’s phone or device—working silently in the background and not interfering with the phone’s use.

3 Alert Parents + Take Action
If a registered sex offender contacts your child using those methods, you’ll receive an alert. From there, ask your child about the communication and determine if you should contact law enforcement. The app will provide your local law enforcement contact information and tips for talking to your child about online safety.

Offenderwatch Safe Virtual Neighborhood works best with Android Versions 9 or higher.

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