Nuula: Small business finance

Nuula: Small business finance


Nuula provides easy access to business metrics and capital, anytime, anywhere.

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Nuula: Small business finance app

We put what matters most to your business right at your fingertips. Nuula helps small business owners monitor their business 24/7, so they can do more of what they love. Get cash flow forecasts, credit score monitoring, sales reports, P&L, and alerts for social ratings & reviews for your small business all within a single app.

Our Mission:

We believe there’s a better, simpler way to manage your small business — so we’re building it. We believe small businesses are the cornerstone of our economies, our communities, and our society. We know you bring your passion to work 24/7. So do we.

Our goal is to help you succeed, every day. We’re dedicated to revolutionizing the way small businesses access the tools and content they need to succeed - whenever, wherever.

Cash Flow Health:

Forecast your small business cash health by monitoring multiple bank accounts in one place. Know at a glance if your cash flow is on track and avoid potential cash shortfalls with our AI predictions. Set safe limits for real-time alerts whenever an account approaches a low balance.

Financial Health:

Financial Health allows you to review your small business accounting metrics quickly without having to visit your cloud accounting dashboard separately. Seamlessly integrate your data from Freshbooks, Quickbooks, or Wave.

Keep track of your bills by paid, outstanding, and at-risk statuses, and stay ahead of your upcoming accounts payable to avoid late fees. We make it easy to monitor your business' financial metrics like revenue, expenses, accounts payable, and accounts receivable at a glance.

Business Credit Health:

Did you know that your business credit score can have as much impact on your creditworthiness as your personal credit score? Nuula’s Business Credit Health tool helps you stay on top of your business credit profile and activity, with alerts to any changes and clear explanations of activity.

Personal Credit Health:

Nuula’s Personal Credit Health tool offers 24/7 monitoring of your personal credit score and activity and alerts you to changes in your credit file, and helps you understand their implications. Your personal credit score can impact your ability to fund and scale your business, so it's important to track in the context of your business finances.

Social Health:

We’ll alert you whenever a good or bad review comes in, across any social platform you’re on. With active social listening, not only will you keep up with the conversation, but you can also stay ahead of potential customer issues by acting on negative reviews right away. And you’ll know when there’s a positive review you can share on social media or thank a happy customer for.

Commerce Health:

Stay on top of what matters most to your business at a glance. Integrate your Stripe or Square account in a few simple steps to track sales & returns, order volume, and customer trends.

Get a full view of your business' daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly sales performance. Know how your online store is performing, analyze your customer's average order over time and also track returns and disputed orders.


Our curated content from top news sources cuts through the noise and delivers you articles that matter to small business owners. Filter your content feed by industry, topic, and more, to stay on top of what’s relevant to your business.

What does the future look like?

We’re dedicated to revolutionizing the way small businesses access tools, metrics, content, and capital they need to succeed - whenever, wherever. Coming soon, curated financial products to drive you and your business at every age and stage. Find the right corporate credit card. Fund your business with a line of credit, a loan, or an advance. Protect your business from fraud with identity insurance - all integrated seamlessly within the Nuula app. Read more
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