NUNAV Navigation

NUNAV Navigation


With NUNAV Navigation stay always on the move. Together against the traffic jam!

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Avoid and prevent traffic jams with collaborative routing. This is exactly what NUNAV is about. Be part of an intelligent swarm and help reduce traffic jams, keep traffic flowing more smoothly and protect the environment all at the same time.
With its NUNAV technology, Graphmasters has paved the way for a traffic-free future. Unlike any other navigational system, NUNAV gives every car an individual route. We call this collaborative routing. In combination with our AI-based, predictive traffic models our users drive fewer miles, consume less fuel, and reach their destinations on time.

Why NUNAV Navigation?

- route optimization in real time
- avoids traffic jams
- reduces CO2 emissions
- current road works and road block messages
- event routing directly to the free parking space
- always up-to-date map data
- Your data remains safe: no storage of personal information
- no registration necessary
- no advertising
- free of charge (no hidden fees)

How to use NUNAV?

In order to use the NUNAV navigation app, you’ll need an active internet connection.

We do not take any responsibility or liability for possible errors, ambiguities and their consequences that may be caused by the routing data provided by NUNAV. Read more
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