Numbie: First Grade Math

Numbie: First Grade Math


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Numbie: First Grade Math game

Basic Math Skills for Kindergarten and First Grade.

Our resident math adventurer, Numbie, will help your child practice and apply basic math skills through fun puzzles and mini games.

Numbie will guide your little math explorer through intuitive lessons presented as games set in outer space, ice cream kingdoms, hidden underwater palaces, and more! This App combines maths and fun while mastering the basic Common Core Math Curriculum – your kid will never get tired of solving these exciting puzzles!

Our integrated Parent Dashboard allows you to keep track of your child's progress as they dash through their mini games. User-friendly statistics and simple analysis tools will help you to understand your kid's progress, see what they got to learn, celebrate their successes, and allow you to better focus on the areas your kid needs help with.

Numbie's teaching materials and methods are carefully designed in accordance with the Common Core Curriculum, and are in line with the highest standards of child education.

Chapter One focuses on basic Preschool and Kindergarten maths. Upon completion of Chapter One, your child should be comfortable with moving on to additional fun chapters that introduce basic Elementary School level maths all fully aligned with the Common Core Curriculum.
Numbie will allow your kid to show off their knowledge by solving colorful puzzles in a fun, engaging and exciting way! They'll be sure to further expand their skills as they learn new material while diving into the wonderful world of maths! With constant updates and new exercises, these mini games and puzzles will always have a new challenge that will keep your kid coming back, eager to learn more! If your child is of Preschool age, they will learn in part by completing color matching activities. If your child is at a Kindergarten to First Grade level, our focus will be to polish up their counting skills and keep up with their classroom assignments, thus making the most of the Common Core Curriculum.

Topics your kid will learn in the Tutorial Section of Numbie's Common Core mini games:

◉ Arithmetic
◉ Numerals
◉ Number combinations
◉ Counting options
◉ Shapes
◉ Color matching & Comparison
◉ Groups of figures
◉ Addition of objects
◉ Subtraction of objects
◉ Addition of numbers
◉ Subtraction of numbers
◉ Basic word puzzles
◉ Counting strategies and combinations
◉ Ones and tens
◉ Memorization
◉ Preschool comprehension
◉ Usage
◉ Analysis
◉ Synthesis
◉ Evaluation
◉ Comparison

Download Numbie today and learn maths while having fun!

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