Never Have I Ever.

Never Have I Ever.


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Never Have I Ever. game

Meet Never have I ever game for friends & couples. Add fire to your house party!

Naughty fun questions and dares are already waiting for you. Start playing the “Never have I ever” game right now! Unforgettable nights out and house party guaranteed! You will get a lot of great emotions and new sensations that you have never experienced before!

Forget about other games. Gather your friends at the house party and get ready for uncomfortable questions and fun tasks, with a pinch of vulgarity! This “Never have I ever” trivia is the best friend of dating apps.

This trivia has thousands of cool and dirty questions and also different tasks to warm up your house party with friends or your couple! You can walk on the edge of sanity and reveal all, in this adult, unrestricted, drinking “Never have I ever” trivia game!

“Never have I ever” trivia features:
???? Ideal for playing with alcohol, especially shots at the house party.
???? You can play on a romantic dating, to get to know each other better.
???? Hundreds of original, funny, challenging, and sometimes vulgar (18+) and obscene questions and tasks.
✍️ Create custom cards with questions by adding your question there.
???? Switch language between English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian, if you need it.

“Never have I ever” rules:
???? The main rule is always to tell the truth.
???? Gather all of your friends or family and start playing.
???? Read question cards out loud (there is the dirty question in it as well).
???? Whoever did it drinks.
???? Whoever didn’t do it - completes the task. Be ready, sometimes it can be quite dirty or vulgar.
???? Maintain the nerve of the game.

Make sure that you have enough alcohol, shot glasses, and nerves! Spend unforgettable moments, with an unlimited number of players and unlimited amounts of alcohol.

You can also try this free “Never have I ever” dirty trivia when chatting in dating apps, or while you are in different places using video communication. Feel free to suggest this game to friends and family when you want to have a fun time. Frank secrets, fun dares, your acquaintances will open up from a new angle. Download free adult trivia as quickly as possible, it will be your best assistant on a date or house party.

Check who can tell the truth and make fun tasks, you won't be bored!
Download this trivia for free today! And start an exciting house party or couple game!

???? “Never have I ever” game is exclusively for adults’ house parties.
???? Drink responsibly and don't drive afterward! Read more
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