Napper: Baby Sleep & Parenting

Napper: Baby Sleep & Parenting


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Napper: Baby Sleep & Parenting app

Baby tracker, sleep sounds & nap schedule from wake windows. Works like magic.

???? Say hi to Napper, the award-winning, all-in-one, baby sleep and parenting app that will help you get better sleep, connect with your children and get the most out of parenthood!

Have you ever heard about awake windows and sleep pressure? If not, those are the two pillar stones of baby sleep. Napper helps you find your child's natural rhythm and creates a daily schedule based on that rhythm so that you'll always put your baby down at the perfect time.

Tailor-made baby sleep schedule
With Napper’s tailor-made baby sleep schedule, you’ll never have to worry about putting your baby down at the right time. Your baby’s daily nap chart automagically adjusts according to your child’s natural sleep rhythm, making naptime and bedtime a breeze!

Baby sleep sounds (white noise & lullabies)
With the help of a composer, Napper has constructed a soundscape to help your baby sleep better with our custom made baby sleep sounds and white noises. More sounds are added on a regular basis, but current sounds include a soothing rain, sounds from the forest, and sounds from the womb.

Science-based baby sleep & attachment parenting course
Napper’s baby sleep and attachment parenting course helps you improve your sleeping situation in 14 days or less! The course is written in collaboration with sleep experts and based on the latest research on sleep and parenting.

Baby tracker for sleep, breastfeeding, solids & more
Napper’s baby tracker lets you track everything from breastfeeding sessions to medication and bottle feedings. You can use the baby tracker to track in real-time or in retrospect.

Comprehensive trends & statistics
Get an extensive overview of your child’s patterns and weekly routine with Napper’s trends and statistics. The things you track will show up in our beautiful and easy-to-read graphs, and you’ll easily be able to spot inconsistencies, irregularities, and correlations.

A positive parenting solution
One of the single most influential factors in long-term child happiness is whether or not their parents enjoy being parents. Happy parents raise happy children - not the other way around.

So when we designed Napper, it was with the intention of becoming the world’s first parenting app that turned the spotlight on you, the parent. In fact we’re on a mission to help each parent go to bed feeling like The Best Mom or Dad in the World, every day! Read more
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