MyWheels - OBD2 (ELM327) car assistant, diagnostic

MyWheels - OBD2 (ELM327) car assistant, diagnostic


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MyWheels - OBD2 (ELM327) car assistant, diagnostic app

MyWheels is your drive assistant that analyzes data from OBD2 system via ELM327

MyWheels is a Free App that will quickly become the only personal assistant you need for your car. By communicating with your vehicle's onboard computer through the standard OBD2 diagnostic socket (via Bluetooth or WiFi), you will move your car to a new era. Now your car will gain new features that have so far been reserved only for new high-end cars.
You will receive an assistant who will advise you on how to ride safely and economically. The app constantly monitors the condition of your car to notify you of a potential malfunction as soon as possible.

Thanks to our own machine learning algorithms you get a guarantee, regardless of the age of your car, that the displayed data is correct and that most importantly, it is be based on data straight from your car.

Our free application requires a device that reads the data from the on-board computer of the vehicle through the OBD2 socket. MyWheels app supports all devices that are based on the ELM327 standard with either Bluetooth or WiFi connection. OBD ELM327 Dongle is the most popular diagnostic scanner, practically available in every automotive shop for a low price.

Take care of the technical condition of your car - You will never forget about vehicle inspection or your insurance renewal terms . What's more, we will tell you when to change camshafts, oils and other necessary fluids

Keep control of your maintenance costs - Do you think you're spending too much on your car? With our application you will be able to tell if it is better to invest in higher quality components or change your driving habits

Driver assistant - Control your driving style - Get into your car, turn on our app and forget about its existence. While driving our app will connect with your car via Bluetooth or WiFi dongle and will record your route, suggest when to change a gear to burn less fuel. At the end of the journey you will be able to check your trip history. Learn when you were driving in the most economical or the most dynamic way.

Diagnostics - Detect potential engine malfunctions - With our application you will be able to diagnose existing malfunctions and even erase common system errors on the vehicle's onboard computer. We give you all the important data that directly affect the functioning of your car.

MyWheels has far more capabilities than other applications thanks to wireless OBD2 communication. You can be sure that the fuel consumption is real and accurate, you will never miss an important date and will not be surprised by any Check Engine lamp suddenly appearing. Additional benefit of using MyWheels is when selling your car you will have a full vehicle history to show to your potential buyer.

The best part of it is that MyWheels is completely Free! With support for all commercially available OBD2 compliant scanners including ELM327 devices that communicate via Bluetooth or WiFi, you can use the device you already own or buy any of the commercially available ones. Read more
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