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My SEAT App app

Download My SEAT App and get your car connected. Everything in your smartphone.

Connect with your SEAT whenever, wherever you want with MySEAT App. Even without internet!

You heard correct. Monitor your car’s status in real-time, check your fuel consumption, record costs, see trip details and connect with your favourite dealer. Or just try out the sexy dark mode. All that and much more – right from your smartphone!


Get all the info you need in a few taps:

- Metrics: check fuel consumption, mileage and fuel level at a glance, as well as trip times, and get your completed routes visualised on a map

- Cost Monitor: calculate fuel costs and record all your car-related expenses

- Vehicle Status: monitor your car’s health and receive alerts in case of any problem

- Maintenance: see when your next service is due based on mileage. Get recommendations like oil changes and schedule maintenance with your favourite dealer

- Parking: see where you parked your car on a map and how best to get there

- Car Manual: check the interactive car manual as well as all your car’s details

- Garage: save all your SEAT cars in one place. Add, delete, edit and group up to 4 cars

- Offers: My SEAT App gives you access to tonnes of benefits and personalized offers for you and your car. See in the “For me” section under "Offers"

SEAT DataPlug

To use all of MySEAT App’s features, you need a SEAT DataPlug. The DataPlug lets your car communicate with your phone via Bluetooth. Getting one of these is easy – just visit your local dealer and ask. Your connected car awaits! Read more
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