My Hurricane Tracker & Alerts

My Hurricane Tracker & Alerts


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My Hurricane Tracker & Alerts app

Comprehensive forecasts and maps for tracking hurricanes, tornados and cyclones.

My Hurricane Tracker gives you the most comprehensive tools for tracking tornadoes, cyclones, tropical storms and weather warnings available. In a beautiful interface, you won't be overwhelmed with cluttered screens like you might with other apps. We give you exactly what you need in an easy to understand way.

- Interactive tracking maps for each hurricane.
- NOAA forecast map & storm satellite imagery where available!
- Historic search of previous storms from 1851 (or 1949 for Pacific).
- Receive weather warnings from the National Weather Service.
- Push notifications for weather warnings or when new storm formations are detected!
- Radar, satellite and sea temperature images automatically updated in the app!
- See an outlook for the next 5 days from the NOAA.
- Track specific hurricanes and receive notifications every time they are updated just by pressing the notify button!

It is similar to apps such as Hurricane Tracker, Hurricane Pro and Storm by Weather Underground. This version is ad-supported. Read more
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