Mundus – match 3 puzzle games

Mundus – match 3 puzzle games


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Mundus – match 3 puzzle games game

Join Match3 games, explore the Impossible Universe! Matching games with a shaman

✨We’re introducing matching puzzle games for adults “Mundus: Impossible Universe”, a classic match3 game with a mysterious plot. Along with the Great Shaman and his granddaughter you’re going to explore a distant Universe. Play casual match 3 games free: match 3 pieces in a row to travel across unknown planets and discover new characters.
Planets inhabited by robots, worlds of endless night, and worlds where beautiful flowers bloom all year-round. You will discover this and much more in a match 3 puzzle game. We can entertain and attract you in many ways.
The mechanics of simple and fascinating matching puzzle games for adults. Match pieces around till there's three or more in a row at each level. You get a reward for each passed level, which will help you build up the planet and learn interesting facts about it.
Each level sets a new goal: collect gold, catch butterflies, get bonuses, remove stones, etc. The gaming process will never get old. The match3 puzzle game is simple at the beginning but as you move forward the puzzles become more complex.
Unlike mindless clicker games, puzzle game helps keep your mind active. 3 match game is a great way to spend time on your way to the office or school.

???? Free match three game Impossible Universe has a unique plot, where shamanism and the alluring mystery of the cosmos are intermingled. If you are attracted by the unknown Universe, then 3 match games Mundus will take you to the aura of mystery and help spend your time by playing fascinating match-3 puzzle game.
????“Mundus: Impossible Universe” is one of those best match 3 games, which are focused on a puzzle and not on associated activities. 3 puzzle match is the main genre mechanics. It's what the game is arranged around. The fans of classic match three games will be absolutely happy.
????Great music and visuals help you immerse yourself in the atmosphere, enjoy the process of playing this 3 puzzle game.
????Puzzle match 3 “Mundus: Impossible Universe” doesn’t contain ads. It is important to us that each player can get into the amazing atmosphere of the unknown Universe. That’s why we refused to add advertising content to the 3 matching games. The best matching games owe nothing.

????Perhaps, “Mundus: Impossible Universe” is the best free casual match 3 game.

So, join the Great Shaman and explore mysterious sources of life and diversity in this “Mundus: Impossible Universe”! This kaleidoscope of worlds is created with hand-made graphics, high detailed, and exciting sounds. Download the match 3 puzzle game and allow yourself to escape!
Dear friends, we appreciate your opinion about the game. Write a review about what you’d like to see new and we'll try to please you in the next update.

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