Multiplayer Quiz Buzzer

Multiplayer Quiz Buzzer


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Multiplayer Quiz Buzzer app

A multiplayer quiz buzzer app with timings. (Cloud-based)

The Multiplayer Quiz Buzzer App!
The first and only cloud-based online multiplayer Buzzer! That too on your android phone!

Are you conducting a quiz, a party or game show and want to use fastest first buzzers? Here's the easiest way to do this! You can play from your phone or by going to

Install this app or visit on all the devices you want to play with. Then, generate a code and share it with everyone and you are good to go!
When you ask a question, your players need to press the buzzer. Each Player can press the buzzer only once.
After you are done asking, and giving scores, all you have to do is press the reset button on your screen and the buzzers will be reset.

The timer will restart and the players can once more compete to press the buzzer first!

P.S. You may use to show a projector screen on your laptop.


1. Do I need all devices to be on the same Wifi or Bluetooth?

No, not at all. The devices do need to have an internet connection, whether through WiFi or Cellular data.

2. Do all the devices need to be at same physical location?

Again, nopes. The timing server runs on a cloud. So, the players may be situated anywhere across the globe. You may conduct an international quiz remotely and have fun!

3. How many devices do I need?

One for each player/team, and one for resetting the buzzer. It runs on phone, laptops and anything that can run a browser. So, getting devices won't be difficult.

4.Is there any lag or delay?

For the cloud-based version, sadly Yes. Based on your internet connection speed, there may be small latencies. But these won't affect the experience for casual games and quizzes. However, if you need a mission-critical zero latency system, you can get our hardware assisted offline solution which works the same, but without the need of internet. Contact us on [email protected] to know more about that. Read more
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