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Mod Mommy for MCPE


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word comes that the toy factory has created another creature. Mommy is great because she's the newest character, so it's still unclear the origin and nature of this creature. whether he is bad or good no one knows. maybe she is a good mother figure and likes to take care of people who enter the factory or vice versa who is a scary figure who often takes her prey to be used as food. What is clear is that a strange incident occurred, namely the disappearance of all workers in the lab.

You can invite your friends to play together and the Mommy Mod for MCPE for MCPE mod explores the whole room. Explore every corner and find out if Mom is a good person or a bad person. and investigate what other Mommy Mod for MCPE little doll invitations mean. do not forget to bring adequate equipment and preparations so that the investigation process is always ready in various circumstances.

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