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Merge Animal Land


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Merge Animal Land game

A pet merge collection of exploration game

Merge Animal Land is a brave new world full of legendary animals and wonderful magic, an interesting and mysterious place waiting for you to explore. Here, you can match and merge all kinds of things to discover new species and collect better items.

It's a secret land protected by a Goddess Power. The valley was once thriving and prosperous, full of dreams and joy. However, one day, an unknown curse engulfed this place. And now, you, the chosen one, will wield the power of the Goddess to save this world. By merging identical things, you can unleash the magnificent healing power to revive animals, forests, plants, swamps, and more!

Match and merge all kinds of eggs to hatch animals, then upgrade them to make them more powerful! Explore erratic islands, merge Goddess Statues, and bring seeds back to your home base to uncover more species.

Play freely as you want. When you are offline, your animals will continue to work for you, carrying on your journey when you are away.

Game Features:

== Merge Objects ==
• Over 500 items waiting for you to discover and merge, all of them have their special properties.
• Merge 3 identical items into 1 new item!
• Almost everything can be upgraded - animals, seeds, plants, swamps, even monsters!
• Merge, collect, tap items... There are many ways to trigger the healing power and revive the world!
• Goddess Statues are the clues for you to clear the stages, don't forget to locate them and awaken their powers!

== Collect Inhabitants with Distinctive Personalities ==
• Music-loving rabbits, flower fairies with magic affinity, cunning foxes... awake these inhabitants and merge them to get stronger companions.
• The animals you collect will sleep when they are tired and work when they have energy. Once in a while, they will collect items for you to use or merge.

== Endless Journey ==
• More than 500 stages for you to challenge. Say no to boring repetition!
• Hidden rewards are scattered everywhere! Don't forget to collect your exclusive rewards after clearing a stage!
• It's not a piece of cake! Think twice before every choice of merging!

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