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Math Games PRO - 15 in 1 game

Biggest collection of Math games playable from a single app!

Test and train your Math skills in an entertaining and challenging way with 15 different counting games playable from a single app! Play and learn at the same time, education has never been such fun!

Math Games has no ads, no in-app purchases and no subscriptions!

Math Games can be played without an internet connection offline!

Choose from 15 different counting games and try to break your personal bests or challenge other people from all around the world and try to make it into TOP20 international leaderboard!

Try to complete Math exercises or create your own homework and track your progress!

Both challenge and practice modes included!


✓ 15 different Math & counting games in a single app
✓ No Ads, no In-App purchases, no subscriptions
✓ Playable without internet connection (offline)
✓ Local & global leaderboards - submit your points & challenge your friends or people from all around the world! 20 different leaderboards included!
✓ Practice & Challenge mode - play with or without timer
✓ Homework section - create your own homework for your children, students and friends or try to complete our predefined Math exercises!
✓ Review & track your progress and other stats
✓ Improve your Math and counting skills in an entertaining and challenging way
✓ Practice adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing


✓ True or False - decide if the formula on screen is correct or not
✓ Find Result - find the result of the formula shown on screen
✓ Find Formula - find the correct formula leading to a result shown on screen
✓ Two Numbers - Tap on 2 numbers to get the result above the board
✓ Crush & Count - remove the group of blocks of the same kind and then solve the formulas above the board.
✓ Math Tiles - there will be two formulas shown at the bottom of the screen, decide which one is correct and tap on it!
✓ Hidden Numbers - similar to word search games - find all the numbers above the board as fast as possible!
✓ Adding Grid - by adding the numbers on grid get the numbers above the board
✓ Adding Grid Pro - similar to Adding Grid, but this time no help provided
✓ Math Test - mark all the correct formulas as fast as possible
✓ Math Connect - addicting brain exercise to practice adding
✓ Flood - solve as many formulas as you can before the board of numbers is flooded
✓ Plus or Minus - complete the Math formula by adding pluses and minuses!
✓ Math Break - by adding 2 or more numbers get the target number to unlock new numbers to play with!
✓ Pairs

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