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Fractal image generator, real-time zoom video, 700+ built-in examples

MandelBrowser is a simple, intuitive, and powerful fractal image generator. The app allows you to easily navigate fractals with gestures (pinch-to-zoom, pan, rotate) and offers many ways to customize images: from changing color schemes to defining custom fractal formulas. That gives you almost limitless possibilities to create amazing pictures.

* 70+ fractal types including the most famous Mandelbrot Set,
* 60+ paint modes (patterns),
* 80+ color palettes,
* 28 image filters, including a kaleidoscope effect,
* 3D light effects using Blinn-Phong reflection model,
* high resolution rendering up to 8k UHD (6k on Android lower than 10),
* optional supersampling,
* real-time zoom video,
* video creator (requires Android 6+),
* image randomizer,
* user-defined content (fractal types, paint modes, and color palettes),
* saving and sharing images, your favorite spots, and custom content,
* built-in gallery with 700+ examples.

EPILEPSY WARNING: this app may produce flashing images.

The app starts in the simple mode with some features hidden. You may switch to the advanced mode in the Settings.

More information in the in-app tutorial which is also available on the app's website:

WARNING: this app is battery consuming. Read more
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