MAINGAU Autostrom

MAINGAU Autostrom


The MAINGAU Autostrom-App makes public charging of EV‘s easy, Europe-wide.

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MAINGAU Autostrom app

Test winner 2022
The MAINGAU Autostrom app is test winner of the magazine Computer Bild!
Especially named is the very simple registration process, additional directions to charging stations and the integration of community feedback.

Start full of energy
Charge your electric vehicle at public charging stations throughout europe with MAINGAU Autostrom. Finding, starting, charging – electromobility is very easy with us!

Find a charging station
No more worries about range - simply set a filter, find an appropriate and available charging station, whether a normal charging station or a fast charging station, on the interactive map and start your navigation.

Charging energy
Click the charge button and a charging station near by will appear. Click on your charging point, scan the QR code or enter the charging station ID, connect the cable and start your charging process.

Energy charged, move on
We make electromobility transparent – easy tariff without a basic fee with monthly billing.

Simply energy efficient
Tested and found to be good? Simply rate and save your favourite charging station directly in the app or browse the charging history and share charging stations with friends.

All benefits:
• Europe-wide availability
• No basic fee
• No notice period
• 24/7 Hotline, Europe-wide
• Monthly invoice

Remember: We can only get better with your help. Give us feedback in the store or text us: [email protected]
We look forward to your comments and hope you enjoy using the MAINGAU Autostrom app.

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