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LudoNest game

LudoNest is the modern form of the traditional game 'Parchis' or 'Chausar'


LudoNest is a classic game of board and dice. Play this game of pro and remember your childhood days.

LudoNest is build with a single platform usage that is the Android one. This game supports offline mode, where you can play with your friends as well as with computer. As it is the first production and does not have a lot of users so it does not have online function uptill now but this function will also be added soon. You can play with Computer and multiplayer as well. Ludo game is the favourite game for all to play in boring time. Play this dice game LudoNest and enjoy a lot with its features. Best Casual game for Offline Game likers and also best in the category of board games.

This game contains a classic theme of wooden board increasing your childhood days feelings of playing ludo on a bench.

LudoNest is the modern version of old game named 'Parchis' which was the Ludo. Parchis was a game played between kings or queens in older times. It was also called 'Chausar'. They rolls the dice and move their tokens to reach the centre of board. Now defeat other players by playing Ludo Nest.

LudoNest also follows the old tradition, since we should not forget our tradition, this game implies this thing, this remeembers you your school days. Just like the king or queen, you our user are the king or queen of this game who will definitely win your fate id depended on the probability of the dice to give which number and you will move the tokens effectively.

Features of LudoNest:
* It do not requires any Internet Connection! You can Play without Internet.
* Play with your Family and your friends by using the function of local multiplayer.
* You can play multiplayer, having option of 2 to 4 players.
* Graphics having a simplicity of classic look.

LudoNest is perfect time pass game of Ludo Board Game. You earlier played Ludo in childhood with a board and will now play Ludo in your phone using LudoNest. Read more
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