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Ludo Queen game

For friends, for family, for you! Ludo is great to spend time with pleasure!

Are you looking for classic board games for kids, family or party? Ludo Queen is a perfect match!
Ludo is online multiplayer game version designed for 2, 3 or 4 players. If there is no one around, don’t bother! You’ve got an option playing Ludo real game against computer or people around the world! Train your logic and entertain yourself with one of the addictive logical games.

Classic Ludo game is one of the favorite board games free derived from 6 century and may remind you of cross and circle game. Ludo is an old Indian game Parchisi and similar to the Spanish board game Parchis. Ludo is an ultimate logic game that even updated to modern mobile game application form changes its rules only a little bit.
No doubts you know the rules of this one of the sorry board game free. Though let’s refresh our memory:

Ludo is a free and easy dice game. Each player gets 4 tokens of different colors: blue, red, yellow or green. They have to race their tokens from start to finish (home) according to the roll of dice. Whoever makes the full turn of the board is a winner! Firstly the gameplay of Ludo classic bord seems too simple. However an option to chase and “eat” competitor’s token makes this one of the classic games free immensely challenging!

It doesn’t matter whether you play 2 player or 3 player board games you’ll be playing this Ludo new board game for hours. Remember Ludo is a kind of table games that was famous among kings, queens and you’ll get a chance to be a new Ludo coming star. Play Ludo and master your skills. Try to beat your opponents and compete for the highest scores on the leaderboards.

One of the popular token games features:
1.Customized ludu version according to your desire
2. Classic sketch marks design with wooden or white board
3. New modern design with wooden or white board
4. Option to choose the dice number (1-6) which will start the token(coin)
4. Option to choose the number of coins to be played (from 2 to 4)
5. Dice changing color according to color of actual player on turn
6. Variety of rules to meet your own taste of gaming experience
7. Multiplayer in the same device (up to 4 player)
8. Play against CPU
9. Real Dice: you can play with real dice, throw the real dice, input the result back to the app manually.

Ludo free games are perfect mixture of logic games and board games. Download this Ludo and make it a party game! Challenge your mind with this tricky and creative game. Read more
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