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Ludo Classic - Ludostar Game


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Ludo Classic - Ludostar Game game

Classic Ludo Board Game in classical form, Play for free the dice game of kings!

Ludo Star Classic is a new Ludo game which is free to play and can be played Ludo classic with friends and family,Play the dice game of kings! Recall your childhood!
this isthe most popular & most loved Ludo game in its classical form. How often you all wondered if we have a lodo game in the wooden board? this board that we used to play when we were kids. The very smell of the wood, the sketching of colors, the die (dice) and tokens that will take us back to our childhood days.
This classic Ludo games free is the best game to share the great interests and childhood memories with your friends, show us if you can master this game. A perfect Ludo Board Game that was loved by Mughals, Mahabharat 's King and many old king of India and world.
Welcome to Ludo Club enjoy and win ludo gold on this challenge to be a ludo master , this game also support offline mode, you can play with Computer or Local multiplayer (play and pass mode). this classic Ludo King is also a favorite game of Bollywood superstar. Play this dice game lodi King in classical form. Best casual game in board games.
The wood board gives you a better visual experience and nostalgic feelings in this lodo classic game. The sketch marks and crystal clear tokens will make us feel the same old classic ludo board.
The board is the square shape with 3 columns of squares and supports up to 4 players (2, 3 & 4 players in combination with Computer). Each player will take one color from bright yellow , blue red and green. You can also assign all players as Computer and quietly watch each, it is quite a lot fun. :)
we built an entirely new physics engine for die-rolling mechanics that will simulate the real-time rolling of a die or dice. The physics behind die-rolling was very challenging , This will make it look like a 3D Ludo game.

How the Ludo Classic Game works:
Lado game starts with four tokens placed in each player's starting box. A dice is rolled in turns by each player during the game. The player's token will be placed on the starting point when a 6 is rolled on the dice. The main goal of the game is to take all 4 tokens inside the HOME area before the other opponents.

Features of Ludo Classic King Star :
* Graphics with a classic look and the feel of a dice game.
* No internet connection required! Play against the computer.
* Play with your family and friends through Local Multiplayer.
* Play 2 to 4 Player Local Multiplayer Mode. Read more
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