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Ludo game

The most popular board games in many countries. Very popular family game.

In many countries, Ludo has been, and still is considered one of the most popular board games.
It is a very popular family game.

Some of the Ludo Features:
You can play against 1-3 computer players
Computer has 3 difficulty levels (Easy, medium and hard)
Play 2-4 players
Works on phones and tablets in full resolution
Supports 11 languages (See below for full list)
Classic Ludo board game
Automatically saves, when you exit the game. You can continue next time you start the game
User friendly interface

Gather your friends & family for some fun.

Languages supported:
English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, German, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese.

What is the game about?
Each player has 4 pieces which starts in the Home position. Roll the dice to move each piece around the board.
On the way to goal, you need to avoid being captured by other players, while you try to capture other players pieces and knock them back to their Home position.
Get all your 4 pieces to goal before your opponents.

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