Locality - World map challenge

Locality - World map challenge


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Locality - World map challenge game

Over 10 000 Unique places in guessr challenge

A completely new kind of game - Geo Challenge. If you like to travel, discover new places, explore all continents and countries, ???? then this application is for you! The geography quiz program is simple but interesting and exciting. Quiz maps have all continents and 6 famous and secret places from all over the planet! ????

Geo Challenge rules
You find yourself in someplace on the planet earth, examine everything around in detail, go to the map and guess where you are. For example, you find yourself on a street. Consider the architecture, signs, shops around. Or maybe you are near some famous building?

Next, you go into the map and click on the point where you think you are. In Japan? In the USA? In Germany? In Nigeria? The choice is yours!

Features of quiz maps application
Our guess game app includes not only different modes. ???? There are also tips, challenges, presents, and achievements. You can become a real explorer! The tips will help you determine the area in which the point is needed. If you need to find out the exact place, and there are no ideas at all, you can use the hint and find out the approximate area where you need to look. There are also google game guess categories - famous places, certain continents, Europe, Asia, natural attractions, and much more ????

And some more pleasant joys from our developers for top map guesser game players! Version is made especially for those who want to fully test their knowledge in geography and pass it by a real specialist in the capitals of world quiz app.

If, after reading the description, you still do not fully understand the rules and capabilities of the map guesser game, then do not worry - you will have access to instructions for the game and an explanation of each feature. ⚡

???? Download Geo Challenge program and become an explorer! Quiz maps will be interesting for users of any age. First, try a geography quiz for free. Read more
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