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Take Lively’s HSA & FSA accounts on the go.

Lively’s HSA & FSA mobile app brings the beauty and simplicity of Lively’s platform to the palm of your hand. This powerful app fits seamlessly into your suite of personal finance solutions, making it easy to stay on top of your accounts, even on the go.

Enjoy features such as:
AT-A-GLANCE DASHBOARD - Designed to tell you exactly what and when you need to know to effortlessly manage your account.
EASY REIMBURSEMENTS - Painless reimbursement process with clear guidance and an intuitive interface.
ELIGIBLE PURCHASES - Check what healthcare expenses are eligible to be paid for with your HSA or FSA funds. Our comprehensive list 
is always up-to-date and easy to access on the go.
MAXIMIZE HSA SAVINGS - Track HSA spending, manage your contributions, and even monitor your investments right from your phone.
ACTIONABLE FSA INFORMATION - Stay on top of deadlines with helpful reminders about plan year periods, open claims, estimated tax savings, and more.

Lively provides a modern HSA & FSA experience built for those seeking stability in the ever-shifting and uncertain healthcare landscape. We are committed to helping your healthcare accounts reach their maximum potential through intuitive design, accessible support, and ongoing education.

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