Learn Quran Alphabet - Alif Ba

Learn Quran Alphabet - Alif Ba


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Learn Quran Alphabet - Alif Ba game

The Quran Learning Game For Children Read the Quran with Tajwid Alif Ba Ta

Are you ready to learn the first step of the the our Holy Book the Quran.

This app is an answer for how to recite the Quran.

Now you can learn and read the Quran easily by playing and listening this Quran letter game.

This app is the easiest way to learn the Quran Letters.

-- A game for Muslim kids
--Learn the Quran and read the Quran alphabets
--Learn Elifba
--Learn how to read the Quran

This game is for teaching the our Holy the Quran to the our children.

This application has a simple interface for teaching the Qur'an.

You can easily memorize Quran surahs for Salah times.


Theory Area : We have 2 different theory areas. First area was prepared to teach you How to read Quran alphabets. In this area , we aimed to teach you all alphabets in the Quran .

Second area was prepared to teach you Quran Tajweed rules. Our application has a so simple interface . Thanks to this interface you can use it easily and you can reach all lessons so easy.

Practice area ( Game Area ) : Our practice area has 2 different games . First type game was prepared like a kind of test. it has 4 questions and 1 answer. You can test your knowledge in this area and you can memorize all characters in here . Click - see - hear and test yourself.

Another area is a kind of card game. Cards are closed and they have the Quran Alphabets in their other face . just click and match the same cards. Also when you clicked cards you are gonna hear the voice of clicked card . So you can memorize it better .

Quran Surahs Areas : We prepared two different areas for Quran Surahs.

First area was prepared to teach you how to memorize quran surahs. You can test your memorizations in here .

Second area was designed a kind of mp3 player . Just click and listen the Surahs from the Quran.

In our tajweed area , you can learn Tajweed rules easily.
Also if your children needs to memorize some surahs of the Quran , you can practice this in our Memorize Surah Area.

Thanks you for choosing our application.
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