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Kings and Legends game

Kings and Legends, a unique 3D Strategy Collectible Card Game!

Kings and Legends, the unique 3D Strategy Trading Card Game! Build up your own army of cards and watch them come to life on the battlefield.
Crush your enemies using thousands of creatures and skills and battle other players in the with the right strategy, you’ll become a real legend in this Online card Game!

===== FEATURES=====
• FREE TO PLAY massively multiplayer online CCG
• Exciting 3D real-time battles
• Free-To-Play: Download for free and play without spending a single penny
• Innovative mix of TCG/CCG, RPG and RTS mechanics
• Huge PvP Tournaments
• Guilds, Boss fights, Challenges and more!
• Events, activities and regular game Updates, featuring new Races, cards and Features

Epic Battles of Epicness
In Kings and Legends, you summon your troops onto a battlefield. Each card has it's own unique 3D model that walks, stalks and slays enemy units with a massive variety of attack types and special abilities! Your goal is to crush the enemy Heroes on the lanes opposite you, how you do it is up to you!

Tactical Mastery
What strategy will you choose? Pick from over 1,500 cards and hundreds of abilities, as well as unique Skills from 4 Character Classes. The choice is yours! Suit your Hero up in enchanted Armour and equip them with stat-boosting magical artifacts!

A Massive World Awaits!
Battle your way across 60+ stages set on 2 Continents and 12 Regions, climb the mysterious 70 level Tower slog through several Dungeon runs against powerful bosses, finding rare loot, units and rewards along the way!

There Can Only Be One!
Face opponents in the PvP-Arena and earn respect, honour and huge prizes! Experiment with new deck builds, try a new strategy or simply settle a score. With regular Tournaments, a Sealed League and the monthly PvP-Season, there is no lack of competition for the serious player!
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