Kids Police - Fake Call

Kids Police - Fake Call


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Kids Police - Fake Call app

Download now Kids Police App (Fake call), Parents App and make a prank

Do you want your children to behave well and to be listened to once and for all? Kids Police is the best option to achieve this by making a small fake call to the police ????????????

The objective of this application is to help parents to dispel their children when they are misbehaving in different situations, such as when the child does not want to eat, the child ignores, the child does not want to sleep, the child always fights, the child misbehaves , etc.

The application has different pre-recorded audios simulating a call to the police where through various questions the parents pretend to have a real conversation with the police and asking them to help them so that their child behaves appropriately in some situation.

The audios are intended for the Kids Police and it also contains simulation of a call with the police to premiere the boys and girls when they are behaving well.

NOTE: The proper use of this application is the responsibility of the parents or guardians since the intention of this app is that through a joke the child can correct inappropriate behavior. Read more
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