Kids police - designed for parents

Kids police - designed for parents


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Kids police - designed for parents app

Helping parents to discipline their kids' behavior

Kids police - it is an application that works on helping parents to discipline their kids’ behavior through a fake call with a fake police station. The idea of this application is to treat the behavior of the kids who are naughty and don't listen to their parents through some pre-recorded calls that are designed specifically to deal with such problems.

We recorded several and various real-life calls that imitate and represent many daily situations anyone may encounter. To make it even more realistic, we created two different sections; one for boys and another one for girls.

List of actions and behaviors this app handles:

1- Naughty - a call recorded to deal with naughty behavior in general.

2- Good - a call recorded to reward the child for good behavior.

3- Fighting - a call recorded to address the problem of fighting with other kids.

4- Bad language - a call recorded to address the problem of using bad language.

5- Messy room - a call recorded to address the problem of a messy room.

6- Sleep - a call recorded to deal with who is are not committed to sleep at specified times and they give their parents hard time at bedtime.

7- Eating - a call recorded for who is do not eat well.

8- Using devices - a call recorded for who use electronic devices (phone, electronic games, TV… etc.) a lot and for long time.

9- Homework - a call recorded for who do not do their homework.

In this new version, the cancel option has been added. This feature gives you the option to call back the police station or police patrol to stop and cancel the operation anytime you want especially if the kid stopped the bad behavior.
Some settings have also been added where you can choose to activate or cancel the “call center” in order to avoid embarrassment if the application is used among people and/or in public places. In addition, we added the ability to modify the name shown in the call screen for any name you want.

We hope that you use the application in a moderate and appropriate way to avoid psychological harm to your children.

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