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Learn shapes, painting, basic math and music with educational Kiddos in Camp app

This is an education revolution for children! Have you been looking for the fun educational activities for your kiddo? Meet the brand new app from the creators of Kiddos in Kindergarten! Our new free educational Kiddos in Camp app is a collection of neoteric entertaining and fun games for kids designed to encourage them to learn while playing. New adventures for Kiddos in Camp! Kiddos in Camp is unique in that it has collected as many as 12 learning games for babies, kids, children, toddlers and even preschool!

Trust us, this is an incredible app, one of the best educational free app for kids. Parents and children will be satisfied. Children can choose among many free learning games and parents will be sure that their child develops all sides through simple playing.
This is one of the best free educational easy-to-use app for kids. In this new app, we provide 12 entertaining and educational games for children.

The math basics: the app teaches kids basic math concepts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) in modern ways;
Grammar basics: writing and reading rudiments, ABC and basic words;
Animals' names and sounds, insects, and fruits.
Imagination boost: kiddos will not feel tired or bored while playing because of simple and attractive design;
Encouraging: after each level completed, the child will have stars that can be used to collect different and exciting badges.
Easy-to-use: the interface is fascinating, children can easily interact with all the free educational games that we provide!

Fruit Picking. A simple activity to study and learn numbers.
The Centipede. Great opportunity for logic development for kids.
Jumper Frog. The goal is to teach the basic mathematical concepts of more, less and equal.
Clothing. Fill in the gaps with proper numbers.
Picnic. Learn the names of the food and develop the entire speech apparatus.
Painting. Develop hand motor skills and creative abilities.
Colorful Birds. This music part is designed to enhance children's memory.
Mr. Worm's. Children will learn mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
Shooting. Increase focus, boost reaction speed, and increase motor skills.
Happy Mushrooms. Learn the sound of letters, the shape of letters, the dictation of words, and the correct pronunciation of word.
Insects & Net. In addition to getting to know the insects, this helps to increase the reaction.
Water Lily. Great opportunity to train your memory and learn ABC.

We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today. Children learn every day through entertaining! With free educational app Kiddos in Camp your kid will be a prodigy! Read more
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