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The JulWallet is our way of making the user experience even more streamlined through easier access to different Networks and helping you spend Crypto with Virtual and Physical Debit Cards.

For Example: On the Ethereum Blockchain you need ETH as Gas and on the Binance Smart Chain you need BNB (BSC) as Gas, so you will be given an easier option to exchange ETH into BNB directly using our JulWallet Extension. The same Support is available for different Networks.

Default Networks:
- BSC Mainnet
- Ethereum Mainnet
- Matic Mainnet
- Huobi Eco Chain Mainnet
- Avalanche Mainnet
- Tomo Chain Mainnet
- BSC Test Network
- Rinkeby Test Network

Also, it has the ability to interact with various distributed apps, from your web browser itself. Users can approve payments for dApp related purchases and services, send and receive funds, and monitor their tokens.

Your funds are completely decentralized when you use our wallet App to create or manage wallet accounts. Some other interesting advantages of our offering are :
1. View token balances
2. Virtual and Physical Debit Cards
3. Interact with smart contracts
4. Make token transactions to other addresses
5. Cross-Chain Token Bridge

The JulWallet is a customized service, built originally using a forked version of the Meta Mask. Read more
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