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Immortal Taoists-Idle Manga game

Experience the real Wuxia in Immortal Taoists!

New Update

Immortal Taoists X Tales of Demons and Gods

Demon king- Luo Hou come back and Immortal world is in danger again. Nie Li, Ning er and Zi Yun will be against him with you. Come and join this fight!

Immortal Taoists X Tales of Demons collaboration activity will come again soon and all of the character skin for Tales of Demons and beasts will return.

There're also vatiety of activities waiting for you: climb the demon tower, enter the twisting realm and explore the maze. Would you like to join us? Come and fight with demon king!
Taoists, Hold on!

2020 Top Free Immortal cultivation Game. A new idle game for adults!

Various martial sects, countless Heroes, real fantasy adventure world of WuXia
A new Immortal Cultivation mobile Game based on Fantasy Webnovels! Experience it now! It has everything you like to know about immortal!

☯Wuxia world
Kungfu skills are not only in the wuxia novels or manga. At here, you can learn all kinds of kungfu skills in the universe, including psychic spells, physical spells, elemental spells, etc.

☯Xianxia story
Do you ever feel lonely on the path of immotality? Isn’t it wonderful to find a companion who can stand by you and cultivate together? She may be your martial sister, martial aunt and even can be a “he”. It is hard to find a true love in the world of Cultivation, so please appreciate the fate that brings people together.

☯Taoism sects
You can experience all kinds of Martial Sects in the world, including righteous sects and evil sects. Make your choice and experience different stories at different sects. It doesn’t matter if you are moral or evil, the ultimate goal of cultivation is being immortal.

☯Idle cultivation
An Idle Cultivation Game with qualified graphics, fulfill your ultimate fantasy of cultivation Light Novels and Anime. Cultivate while working, be immortal while resting! Come to experience the fantasy adventure world!

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