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Make My Idol a Champion Project, ‘IDOLCHAMP’

???? [SMA] 31st Seoul Music Award Coupon Sales OPEN!
Let’s exchange it now for the Seoul Music Award coupons! You can participate in the voting of the SMA which awards the singer who received the most love by the public in 2021.

???? [Show Champion] Not only pre-voting for Show Champion, but also decorating winner’s room!
Vote in advance for the weekly MBC music program ‘Show Champion’ on Idol Champ! The most anticipated live performance idol’s room will be decorated by IDOLCHAMP, on the day of the live broadcast.

???? Let’s promote my favorite idol on Twitter Trends!
IDOLCHAMP Special Support Reward No.1! Please promote your idol on Twitter all month long~ A special TWITTER TRENDS will be provided to the winner of the vote!

???? Promote your idol's Comeback M/V in PC cafes nationwide!
IDOLCHAMP Special Support Reward No.2! Please make sure everyone knows about my idol comeback~ Promote your idol's Comeback M/V on 120,000 Computer launch screens in 1,650 internet cafes nationwide in Korea!

???? Make your idol as a model of World-famous Magazine!
IDOLCHAMP Special Support Reward No.3! Vote for my idol and make model of world-famous magazine like 'BIG ISSUE', 'Forbes', 'Rolling Stone Korea'!

???? Show your fandom power and find your idol on subway ads!
Cheer for your idol on their birthdays, anniversaries or new album release!
IDOLCHAMP's special ads, such as subway ads, bus wrapping/bus shelter ads, Twitter promotion ads, and PC launch ads, and various kinds of reward votes to support your favorite are waiting for fan PDs.

???? Let’s promote my favorite idol on TV with "IDOLCHAMP Chart" #1!
'IDOLCHAMP CHART' is a self-ranking service that compiles and calculates activities that have participated in IDOLCHAMP’s various fandom services. When your idol has reached and won a first place for the Monthly Chart, a promotion video of your idol will be aired on TV channels such as ‘MBC M’, ‘MBC every1’, ‘MBC drama’. On top of that, your idol will be also listed in the Hall of Fame.

???? Vote and make your idol appear on one of the major news channels!
An idol, who has ranked first in PR voting, can become the main character of online news article. You will be so impressed by your idol being one of the top search words on famous portals.

If you want to be in the Hall of Fame, join the IDOLCHAMP Chart today!

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[Guidance on Necessary Access Authority for Using IDOLCHAMP]

- Device ID (Mandatory): Use your account and profile data on your device to distinguish and identify your device and send push alarm messages.
- In-App Purchase (Optional): Users use this to purchase something in the app.
- Photo/Video/File (Optional): Access to gallery regarding the profile photo and use the saved files in the device and external storage of the device regarding the charging station (Adiscope).
- Microphone (Optional): Use this for recording to participate in the call center event.

※ If the Android version is under 6.0, the access authority of the app cannot be controlled individually. To control the unnecessary access authority, it is necessary to upgrade the operating system of the device to Android version over 6.0. Read more
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