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Hospital - DuDu Kids多多医院 game

The baby turns into an all-around little doctor, come and help the sick animals!

DuDu's hospital simulates the real hospital treatment scene, treatment according to the disease, creates a relaxed and lively medical atmosphere, cultivates the baby's awareness of disease prevention and knowledge of medical treatment, and relieves the baby's fear of the hospital. Let children establish a correct medical cognition from an early age, strengthen physical exercise, and bravely face diseases! Let's beat the pain together!

Omg so many critters are sick !
Why do the duckling's eyes keep going in circles? The little panda looks sad with its arms crossed? The little tiger kept covering his mouth and howling?
Children, Dudu's hospital has started accepting patients, come and see how to treat and prevent diseases!

﹡Real hospital scene experience
﹡Ten common diseases in life
﹡A wealth of treatments
﹡Real doctor-patient dialogue,let children face it bravely
﹡Disease prevention, intimate reminder

Ten common diseases in life: including sticks, scratches, falls, flying insects in ears, fever, heat stroke, indigestion, fractures, toothache, eye disease
Simulate a variety of medical methods: pulling pricks, cleaning wounds, applying medicine, eye drops, injections and infusions...
The baby can overcome the fear of the hospital according to the dialogue in the game, enhance the child's awareness of safety protection, and can accurately feedback his own pain
After treating the disease, remind the baby to pay attention to prevention and avoid bad habits causing pain

Fun and educational, scientific and knowledgeable, children, come to Dudu's hospital to be an all-around little doctor! Read more
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