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The Wallet of the Metaverse

The Metaverse is the next generation of the internet, where apps and games are interconnected to create a much more immersive experience. Well, HandCash is the Payments System of the Metaverse.

HandCash is a new kind of wallet. One you can connect to all kinds of apps and games in order to spend and earn directly into one account. Gone are the days when you had to deposit money into other services in order to use them. Your money remains in your account and available across all connected apps and games.

HandCash runs on the BSV Blockchain network so all payments are instant and with virtually no fees.

Even though it's a crypto wallet, it's one you can recommend to your friends and family members as it has removed all typical complexity from crypto apps: there are no keys to write down, there are no waiting times, no high fees and no ugly addresses. It's as easy -if not more! - than your favorite payments app!

NEW: You can now top-up your wallet directly in less than a minute with a debit or credit card.*

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