Ghanny:Your mobile singing APP

Ghanny:Your mobile singing APP


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Ghanny:Your mobile singing APP app

Sing karaoke online or duet with friends,video chat while watching live shows.

Ghanny is a comprehensive entertainment application for online singing, enjoy live and creating private music albums. You can choose from a large number of Arabic karaoke songs with lyrics and accompaniment, and also sing a cappella.Sing solo or invite friends or strangers to duet with you while you sing karaoke. Use filter and sound effects to record music works, the video filters and audio effects will make you look and sound like you are in a music video. Join karaoke rooms use the rating function to show your singing ability, or invite friends or strangers to sing in real time,and participate in singing pk,attend exciting events, hold online parties and make new friends through music. Besides that, you can play fun voice games like ludo etc.
Come on! Sing karaoke for free and interact with friends through music!


-Online karaoke room
Many people sing and chat in online rooms and make new friends through music.
Every user can create a room , invite your friends to party in the online room
Singing score in the karaoke room , what is your singing level,come and show your singing ability
Duet in the karaoke room, and sing with your friends or strangers in the online room
Sing karaoke with music and lyrics anytime, anywhere
Choose your favorite song in the karaoke room and show yourself through sound or video.

-live streaming
Watch the latest and greatest live streams and video chat with your favorite streamers
PK challenge, come and join the challenge, meet new friends, and interact with the anchor
Use beauty filters while live streaming to show your confidence

- Multiplayer online video chat
You can make high-quality video calls with friends or new friends, meet new friends online
You can join the group video chat and find new friends from all over the world

- Mobile phone recording MV
No need to go to KTV, you can sing karaoke online at home!
Record your wonderful singing and wonderful performances, Use tuner, and use beauty filters to create your own personal music video.
Choose exquisite video templates, and even amateurs can create a beautiful MV like a famous star!
Re-record a song segment, don't worry about singing wrong, you can re-record a segment of a song.

You can choose the most attractive part of a song or your favorite part to sing, instead of singing a song entirety, singing becomes very simple!
Hook added new ways to play, come and harmonize your favorite works, and create music works with celebrities
Hook list, challenge others, show your singing ability, your works will appear on the list

Famous ludo game with voice chat, real chat with friends and players, enjoy happy time with friends
Are you good at ludo games, come and let us see if you are a real ludo star

You can quickly find the celebrities you like, see their works, and even join in to duet with the celebrities

-Share works
Share the link of the work with your friends through other platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

Come to Ghanny, let us sing and listen to music together. Join our community of Arab music lovers. Sing karaoke or sing a cappella! Be popular and gain fans! Make music with friends!

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