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Garbh Sanskar Guru app

App for pregnant mothers to offer daily 12 activities for positive pregnancy.

Smart mom would never miss an opportunity to try the daily positive pregnancy course offered in the Garbh Sanskar Guru app. Garbh Sanskar Guru app is an initiative by Majestic Garbh Sanskar. Garbhsanskar concept is derived from ancient Indian science, which emphasizes pregnant mothers' mental and emotional well-being by practicing a positive and joyful lifestyle during pregnancy. The ultimate objective of the garbh sanskar guru app is to help expectant mothers be positive, joyful, and stress-free during pregnancy.

Garbh Sanskar Guru app is an unique app in the segment. This App provides complete knowledge of Garbh Sanskar (Prenatal Education) and various pregnancy tools that are very useful during pregnancy. It also offers comprehensive solutions for the planners to enjoy a stress-free planning stage. The main feature is to provide daily 12 personalized and customized garbhsanskar activities to the pregnant mother. Daily 12 activities are as Dear Mom (where baby talk to the mom), Monthly Diet for a pregnant lady (pregnancy diet), Daily recipe, Garbh Samvaad (where pregnant parent speak to the baby), Pregnancy Yoga (prenatal yoga), Meditation for pregnant lady, Story, Activity of The Day which is helpful for the right brain development, Videos from youtube, From Biography, Shloka-Sakhi, prayers, spiritual activities, pregnancy music, puzzles, etc... Course activities are customized as per pregnancy day and desired quality of the baby.
Along with daily activities, one-to-one counseling support through WhatsApp, zoom, and call (as and when required), live pregnancy yoga sessions by our experts, and recorded experts lectures are also included. Material and unique garbhsanskar's 280 days course are available in Hindi, English, and Gujarati. This App does not provide any medical advices or services—the ultimate objective of this App is to help pregnant mothers to enjoy their pregnancy journey. Garbh Sanskar guru app is a mental and emotional diet for pregnant mothers.

About Garbhsanskar – Garbhsanskar word itself is as divine as it sounds. Garbh means "the womb" and Sanskar means "the ethics" or values. Nurturing your child and teaching ethics inside the mother's womb can be the most blissful work any parent can dream of. GarbhSanskar Guru App is a unique and first-of-its-kind mobile application to nurture the values in the unborn child. It is scientifically proved that 80% of brain development happens in the womb. Garbhsanskar guru App is an honest effort by team Majestic Garbh Sanskar to nurture the values in the unborn child. There are many pregnancy apps available in the market. Still, this App is matchless, where it guides you to follow GarbhSanskar to enjoy the pregnancy in a positive and joyful manner on a daily basis! The app is developed by team majestic garbh sanskar under the guidance of doctors, Ayurveda Experts, Child psychologists, dieticians, and counselors.

Course of Garbh Sanskar Guru
The App is mainly developed for pregnant mothers, which will offer activities from the Current day of pregnancy to 280 days. For example, e.g., If you are starting this App on the 45th day of your pregnancy, App will offer activities from day 45th to the 280th day.

The consultancy and counseling support will be provided (if needed) using WhatsApp, mobile calls, and email, along with optional material. Pregnant women would get one activity in each segment mentioned above every day based on pregnancy day. Based on different completed activities, a scientific analysis will also be done. Report for all activities will be generated to let you know the expected IQ, EQ, PQ, and SQ qualities that your child may possess.

IQ, EQ, PQ, and SQ are considered as four vital components for the overall development of any human being. Activities of this App would be suggested in such a way so that the overall development of the baby begins in a proper manner right from the womb. Read more
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