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GAP EM is a real race track app and best to challenge local racers.

Do you love racing on race track? It’s said that auto racing began 5 minutes after the second car was built! Racing on race track is a fun and exciting way to showcase your racing and driving skills.
While we love playing games like Need for Speed: Heat and Forza Horizon 4, we also spend a lot of time with the technology. When we're trying to skip out on working for the man, we have a few of go-to games that you could consider out favorite. But what if someone wants to race you on a real racing track? Are you not satisfied with the racing games? Maybe you’re tired of going to car meets and looking for people to race. GAP EM is for you!
GAP EM is a gem for racers and skilled drivers. GAP EM is an opportunity for real racers. It is a race track app. A racer can find local opponents to race and challenge opponent racers to a specific racing track. Car racer, bike racer can build their profiles on the GAP EM for real racing at a race track.
How to create Profile on GAP EM real race track app?
There are simple steps to create a racing profile. These steps are listed below.
o Profile picture of racers vehicle
o Full name of racer
o Gender of racer
o Age of the racer (18+)
o Vehicle Year of racer
o Racers Vehicle make
o Racers Vehicle model
o Modifications section selection on racers vehicle ( Naturally Aspirated, Boosted, Nitrous)
o input of how much horsepower the racing vehicle has
o description section for the racer
o Driving experience of the racer for race driving
o Location of the race or race track
o Terms & condition of the racer for the race track
After profile is created user is able to upload videos of races to their personal profile on various racing tracks.
There are two gestures used for challenging race in app.
o Swipe Left for no race
o Swipe right to challenge a racer on a specific racing track

Rules for Match/ Swiping section for race:
o Free Limited 20 swipes per 24 hours for real race on race track
o Premium unlimited swipes for $4.99 a month
o Filter options (Horsepower, Make, Model, Year, Naturally Aspirated, Boosted, Nitrous)
o Able to look at profile before swiping

Messaging section of real race track GAP EM app:
o Regular chat between racers through race app
o Able to send attachments to show their race videos
o After users match, a list of local tracks within both racers proximity will appear. User is able to X out of the screen and go into chat for racing details.
Post Em Section:
o User is able to post on a nationwide news feed of race
o Race related video of racers can be uploaded
o Racers are able to upload their live racing video
o Social communication between racers is available (like, dislike, comment on racing videos)
Merchandise Section:
o Racers can make purchases on branded Sweaters, T-shirts, Hats, Keychains, car stickers
o Racers can request making custom Gap em merchandise
Other highlighted features of GAP EM real racing app on real race track:
o Best free bus racing track game
o selection of racers with different specifications are available
o Friendly User interface
o Realistic racing on real racing tracks
o Realistic environment to test best driver, driving skills and racing skills
o Racers can communicate with each other before racing and also after racing

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