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GamePlay brings you the best of video games in your smartphone, choose which console to follow or follow them all, you'll find a mountain of news in addition to videos, podcasts, and interviews. Gameplay collects dozens of news sites from the main Italian and World Championships as: Ludomedia - Multiplayer - Eurogamer - Gameinformer - Polygon - Joystiq and many more, plus you will find the official channel of Gametrailers, where you can see the first few reviews and previews in advance of all. We also added the official channels of Xbox, Nintendo and Playstation, where you can see live coverage of E3, Gamescom, and the Tokyo Game Show, as well as videos that will be listed daily. In a nutshell gameplay gives you the best of video games in one app, with updates H24, you can decide if you read only one channel, if you read them all, re-read the contents or lost, in the categories unread, save as a favorite your news, video, or review. Dedicated Graphics, automatic synchronization of Articles opening the app, notifications, and widgets to choose how you want them. Read more
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