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Forager By Diaspora game

Lead your tribe to its new home in this crowdsourcing app with a fun twist!

"The time has come to undertake the Longwalk. Onwards, young braves - soon, we shall walk in new lands." - Clan Elder

Team Diaspora is a team of three undergraduates from Informatics Institute of Technology, comprised of Byung "Dzolver" Charn Lee, Moiz "moizalicious" Mansoor Ali and Aishcharya "clennam" Mario Kahandawala.

We're undertaking the Sri Lankan edition of the Google NLU Challenge! Our task is to crowdsource data for Google's Conversation AI, using an Android app, which would present users with comments taken from real-world sources and ask them to rate how toxic the comments are.

Our solution gamifies what would otherwise be a boring task by using the concept of a tribe undertaking a long journey (the "Long-walk") to find a new home.

As a newly minted brave of the "Vira" tribe, you must help it survive as you move towards the promised land, by foraging around the surrounding area, (i.e. rating comments) for food, as the tribe moves along on their journey.

For every good judgment you make, you bring the tribe closer to the end of the Longwalk. For every bad judgment you make, you add more distance to the journey your tribe must travel. This means that every decision you make is real and that your errors will affect everyone playing.

Instructions on how to play can be found here:

And general information about the game and the challenge we are undertaking can be found here:

The information you contribute will be used to create a better, harassment-free environment on the internet for everyone. As an additional incentive, we will also be donating a portion of the prize money obtained to charity.

Please give our app a try. Best of luck, young brave. Read more
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