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Font Keyboard Art - Cool Fonts app

Get an aesthetic keyboard themes and cute fonts with font changer for Android

Cool Keyboard Fonts + Facemoji. Get Art Fonts & Stylish letters for your Android! Funcy Fonts + AA Text Changer.

Ever written a post on Facebook and wished the font could be fancier than your typical Arial? Or wondered if it were possible to have a colored emoji keyboard, to exchange emoticons instead of words?

Introducing a new Font Keyboard that has the best of both worlds! Now you have unlimited fonts and emoji right at your fingertips!

AA - Fancy Fonts for Keyboard
We wanted to let your imagination run wild, so we developed a keyboard fonts compatible with all your social networks. You can also change your keyboard theme to match the season or your mood. And we couldn't help adding a mix of emojis and arts to the app. Now you can really show off your creative side!

How to Use Fonts Changer & Facemoji Keyboard
Once you download the app, it gets naturally integrated into all your social sites. You can:
???? Personalize your Instagram profile so it stands out
???? Add a creative flare to your Facebook posts
???? Use emojis in your WhatsApp and Telegram to really deliver the message
Below are some details on the app's main features.

Different Text letters for Instagram and Other Apps
Choose the font that makes you and your message truly unique. If you feel girly, you will find a playful font that best suits your mood. If you have a Gothic profile on Instagram or Facebook, you can now adapt the emojis to it. Other ways you are able to use the app:
???? Write descriptions to your photos
???? Send text messages
???? Create unique Instagram stories.
Choose from italicized or retro font styles, be creative, and have fun keyboard! Our text changer is there to make you show your real self to the world.

Different Themes for Keyboard
How would you like it if your keyboard matched the hot summer day? Or if it were all glitter and tinsel at Christmas season? Now you are able to customize your keyboard to reflect the occasion or your mood. Choose the fall or winter colors, add a festive sparkle, or go all pink and flowery for Valentine's.

Compilations of Good Emojis Face moji and AA fonts Arts
Animals, moods, plants: using emojis for texting is nothing new. We've gone further: you can use our app to customize the other apps' icons. After all, always having a green WhatsApp icon is dull, so why not make it different? You can also create unique icons for your Instagram profile.

With our stylish custom text changer, your profile and posts on social networks will be really catchy and creative. Read more
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