FNF Huggy Mod Test

FNF Huggy Mod Test


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FNF Huggy Mod Test game

FNF Huggy Mod Test Character

Huggy is one of the new mods in Friday Night Funkin'. In the game FNF Huggy Mod Test, you have to control this particular character. Huggy is the antagonist from the famous horror game. It looks like a huge creature with very long arms and legs, large growth. He has blue fur, a permanent smile, and many sharp teeth. This is a very amazing character. In his other form, he is slightly transformed.

What to do in the game FNF Huggy Mod Test? everything is simple! You need to score as many points as possible. Before starting the game, select the state of the hero and the music that you like best, and then click play. After starting the game, click on the arrows on the screen of your device and earn points. If you scored 1500 points, this is a good result of the game. If you manage to get more than 2000 points - you are great at playing FNF Huggy Mod Test Character.

In the game FNF Huggy Mod Test, you can highlight the pleasant features:
- you can choose the state of the hero that you like best;
- you can turn off the background music to hear the voice of only the main character. To do this, just press the button in the form of a beep on the screen of your device;
- you can choose songs for the hero;
- you can arrange competitions with your friends and find out which of you will score more points;
- you can have a good time with this game :)

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