Flash Alert : Call and Sms

Flash Alert : Call and Sms


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Flash Alert : Call and Sms app

Receive automatic flash alert on incoming calls, sms and notifications.

Flash Alert : Call and Sms, will give you light notification on incoming calls and text messages. The flash alert feature finally available for Android phones.
With this app you will be able to answer any call quickly and avoid missing vital communications when you cannot hear your phone ringtone.

Key Features :
■ Flash alert on incoming calls.
■ Flash blinking on sms messages.
■ Flashlight on notifications from : Signal, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Skype, Whatsapp, Telegram...
■ Set automatic flash for alarm clock to wake up with lights.
■ Change the speed of light flashes.
■ Silent mode to activate flashing and disable ringing.

How to use flash alerts ?
■ Helps those who are hearing impaired.
■ Hospitals or meeting or in silent zones.
■ This app may also help you find your phone in dark.
■ When you are in a noisy area and won't hear your phone ringtone.
■ Flash light on alarm can help heavy Sleepers to wake up in the morning.

We use your camera flashlight without keeping the app open all the time, if you decide you no longer want the automatic flash, slide the button to "off". Read more
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