Top 7 most effective ways to fix frozen iPhone error today

The iPhone series is famous for its smoothness and fast processing speed, but after a period of use, the law of technological devices may inevitably appear to be damaged, pause.…

The iPhone series is famous for its smoothness and fast processing speed, but after a period of use, the law of technological devices may inevitably appear to be damaged, pause. This is an error that we encounter at least once when using iPhone. If it appears often, you will be annoyed. If you are experiencing a frozen iPhone screen, don’t worry, in this article apkpure247 will show you how to fix it extremely simply and effectively.

Main content:

  • Restart your iPhone
  • Clean iPhone screen
  • Delete applications on the device
  • Free up memory space for the device
  • Remove the screen protector
  • Use original iPhone charger
  • Restore factory settings for the device.

Signs to recognize iPhone frozen?

Normally, when your iPhone freezes, you will be able to identify through the following signs:

  • iPhone hangs
  • The screen is frozen, not moving.
  • Touch is paralyzed. When swiping, the device does not receive a signal.

Top 7 most effective ways to fix frozen iPhone today

Restart iPhone.

The first thing you should do when your iPhone freezes is to restart it to get it back to normal. Because the iPhone is frozen, you need to start hot, depending on the version of the iPhone, there will be a different way to start, details as follows:

iPhone 8 or later: Press and release the volume up button, then press and release the volume down button, and finally press and hold the side button.

iPhone 7: Press and hold the volume down button and the power button at the same time.

iPhone 6s or iPhone SE (1st generation): Hold down the power button and the Home button at the same time.

Cleaning iPhone screen.

If your screen has not been cleaned for a long time, that may be the cause of the iPhone’s touch screen freeze. The screen is wet, dusty, and people can’t press the touch.

How to clean is as follows: Turn off the power of the machine first, then use a soft cloth soaked in water, gently wipe the surface and corners of the touch screen. Limit the use of strong detergents because they will affect your screen.

Delete applications on the device.

When there are too many applications installed on the iPhone, it will cause conflicts, incompatibility errors, causing your iPhone to freeze. Especially, when people update iOS to a higher operating system.

Therefore, if your iPhone model is too old, limit software updates and download too many applications. If you use a higher iPhone model, you should regularly update the iOS version to optimize the hardware and make the device run smoother.

Free up memory space for the device.

When the iPhone is overloaded with capacity on the device, it will cause the activities on your phone to be frozen, even touch errors and make the device slower than usual. To fix this situation, you should immediately delete the applications that you do not often use. Also, use Apple’s iCloud storage.

iCloud allows users to store up to 5GB in a free account, and up to 2TB if you have more storage needs.

In addition, you should update to iOS 11 or later to use the feature to automatically delete unused apps after a while to save memory.

Remove screen protector.

Screen protectors help you protect your iPhone from drops or impacts. However, it is also one of the reasons why the iPhone screen is frozen or unresponsive if a poor-quality sticker is used. Try to remove the sticker, clean your screen again and check if your iPhone has stopped freezing.

Use original iPhone charger.

If you are using a poor-quality iPhone charger, it will cause the phone to freeze, touch paralysis. At the same time, it also causes the battery on your iPhone to drain faster. So, please use an original iPhone charger to protect the battery and fix the frozen iPhone situation.

Restore the device to factory settings.

The last way that you should apply when your iPhone is often frozen is to factory reset. A software error may have caused your iPhone to freeze. Restoring the original settings will help you fix this error and help delete applications, freeing up memory space.

Note: you should back up all the data on your iPhone before doing so. Because after factory reset, your phone will be like new and your photos, apps, videos… will all be deleted.

Details at: How to factory reset iPhone.

The above are ways that will help you fix iPhone freezes frequently. Hope you can successfully apply it to your beloved phone.

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