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Life changing payment advice.

Fivvy is your personalized payment recommendation engine so you can maximize the value of all those cards in your wallet. Let us eliminate the decision fatigue that comes with choosing the best payment option for each transaction. Should I pay with the rewards cards or with the cash back? What if I harm my credit score? We do it for you seamlessly.

Fivvy platform is integrated with Plaid. Your data is powerful—and no one should access it without your permission. For that reason, our security practices are designed to meet or exceed industry standards. Please, visit Plaid's website to learn more about its Privacy & Security Terms.

Empowerment with Fivvy
Sick and tired of having to choose amongst all the different cards in your wallet? Let us help you! Fivvy’s decision engine picks your best option for every purchase!
With Fivvy, you’ll be able to tap on opportunities that might have otherwise gone overlooked like additional rewards, cash back etc and we’ll make sure your credit score is never harmed. You don’t need to decipher all the benefits and details of your cards anymore, we do it for you.

Ask Fivvy next time you’re going to buy something and let us help you make the right choice.

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