Fitpaa - Your fitness planner

Fitpaa - Your fitness planner


Personal fitness planner for weight loss/gain, bodybuilding, diabetes & PCOD

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Fitpaa - Your fitness planner app

Imagine a world where you are fit, healthy, confident fulfilling all your dreams and taking care of your loved ones in every situation. How joyful such a world would be? We, at Fitpaa, work super hard with all our blood and sweat to create such a world for all our users. Your wellbeing is our mission!

If you wish to experience the joy of getting fit and excel at life, download the Fitpaa app right now. We are here to help you achieve your health & fitness goals with guaranteed results. Nothing is impossible!

How can Fitpaa give guaranteed results?
With Fitpaa you get, not just a mobile app, but your personal health & fitness team including a Fitness Planner, fitness coach, nutritionist and doctor. Together, they shall prepare an easy to follow fitness plan based on your goal, lifestyle, food habits, health condition called the Fitpaa Capsule.

Your Fitpaa Capsule is a scientifically designed, all-in-one health & fitness plan consisting of a sustainable diet plan, 360° workout plan and recovery plan. The Fitpaa capsule is designed to precisely help your body activate every cell, release the right hormones which in turn help you achieve your fitness goal without compromising on your health and wellbeing.

Your Fitpaa Capsule is the only thing you will ever need to achieve your health & fitness goal with 100% guarantee. All you need to do is to just follow your Fitpaa Capsule everyday.

How to follow your Fitpaa Capsule?
Fitpaa app makes it really easy to follow your Fitpaa Capsule. Once you open the app, you’ll see a Calorie Meter just below your Fitpaa Capsule. All you have to do is to get the pointer to green by the end of the day. Calorie Meter gives you real-time guidance on the number of calories you have to eat or burn at any point of time during the day to move to green. For best results, follow your capsule with precision diet tracker and smart workout trainer.

Precision diet tracker allows you to track every food item you eat with precise nutrition information. This helps to follow your diet plan without compromising on your favourite foods.

Smart workout trainer provides video and voice assisted workout sessions which are easy to follow. Calories burnt are automatically tracked and added to the Calorie Meter. If you do any activity without the smart workout trainer, you can always add it in Other Activities.

Feeling lost? Don’t worry! Your Fitness Planner shall always be there with you to motivate and help you. You’ll get unlimited consultations, daily follow-up and weekly reviews to always keep you on track. All we ask for is your commitment. Never give up!

Your fitness planner can help you achieve the following health and fitness goals - weight loss, weight gain, athletic bodybuilding, six pack, shape and tone, stay fit and healthy, hourglass figure, mental health, sleep better, body pain relief (back, shoulder, elbow, ankle, knee, hip), disease management for diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, COPD, thyroid and PCOS

Why should you trust Fitpaa?
All Fitpaa subscriptions come with a 7 day risk-free trial. Cancel anytime within 7 days and get a full refund, no questions asked! If for some reason you cannot follow the capsule at the moment, you can freeze the subscription and resume it at a later time from day 1. If you don’t get the promised results by the end of the subscription even after following your fitpaa capsule, you’ll get your complete money back. We are here to help you achieve your goal, not to take your money and run away. We promise!

Is Fitpaa Free?
We have a dream where no person experiences the pain caused by the premature death of a loved one. That’s why Fitpaa Essentials will be free forever. You’ll get a Fitpaa Capsule based on your BMI analysis which should keep you fit & healthy forever.

To experience Fitpaa with all the features and services mentioned above, just Request a Trial and we shall get in touch with you to take you towards your dream life. Read more
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