Fitness Games: Hippo Trainer

Fitness Games: Hippo Trainer


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Fitness Games: Hippo Trainer game

Yoga, sport exercises and even karate lessons with Hippo fitness trainer

What a disaster! Hippo's cousin has a wedding soon. She was very nervous and ate a lot that's why she gained some weight! Excess weight before such an important day is not a good sign. A diet could not help her to loose weight so fast. Only skilled and strict fitness trainer could be useful in this situation. The trainer like you! Have fun with exciting and variable fitness games.

Never before sport games were so exciting and funny and educational games for boys and girls so interesting! As an experienced trainer, you will choose the mode of trainings, the exercises and intensity of trainings for Hippo cousin. These are going to be not just light morning exercises. Our trainings should make the weight loss maximum fast. Gymnastics, track and field athletics, strength exercises could be useful in this situation. This is not just fitness games but a complete fitness marathon with a lot of fitness machines. Sport could only help with suitable exercises and a correct diet. Make your trainings maximum effective! Try all the fitness machines and all the exercises with Hippo cousin. Start from rope jumping, running machine, cycling machine and pull-ups. Then you can make it more complicated with raising a heavy barbell and using all the strength machines which you could find in a gym. The moment gymnastics, track and field athletics and steeple chase become boring, martial arts could help. Try karate with Hippo cousin. Hit till the moment your forces are out, and after a short pause start all over again. Make the excess weight go away! Wedding and love of Hippo cousin is in your hands!

This novelty as well as all our educational games for boys and girls is absolutely for free. Do you like sport and funny adventures? Then gym from Hippo town is waiting for you! Stay tuned, stay with us and have a lot of fun and happiness playing with your kids our educational games. Read more
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