Fire Survival Battlegrounds 3D

Fire Survival Battlegrounds 3D


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Fight in this war squad battle, join the battle royale and use all kind of guns

Free Survival Shooter game for offline fun shooting game lover.

Welcome to the ultimate survival shooter game available on mobile. Survival shooter is an offline commando action game where you will play the role of master cover solider in this new action game. This shooter game is the ultimate survival shooter game available on mobile. There are many offline games, but we are proud to launch a new shooting game in the game store, especially for team game and third person shooter.

Fire survival battleground 3D Clash Squad 1v4 Battleground Fire Game.
3D Squad Sniper Battlegrounds is the best game for android and most exciting and thrilling free battle shooting game. It’s time for army commandos battle of squad survival against the militant hunters. You have to fight like a survivor and destroy the enemy’s territory with powerful weapons. You have to fight like a fire game survivor and destroy the enemy’s territory with powerful weapons. As a super FPS shooter, you have to kill every sniper terrorist in this 3D action and fantasy battle shooting war. The only goal is the survival. You are a very good trained FPS sniper soldier and shooter, so you can easily handle the tank and all army weapons and guns. Are you looking for an amazing and free 3D fight game? Do you like FPS sniper action games? Do you want to feel you belong to a royale army squad in an epic war? Do you like games full of action, guns and team strategy? If yes, this game is perfect for you in 2021 for offline games lovers. Fire Games are best battleground commandos fire game.

Key Features:
• Free Fps team shooting game. 3D offline Counter Terrorist game. 3vs3 team battles.
• 1v4 clash squad game.
• Free Shooting Game! Join the army commandos mission.
• Games that shoot with exciting 5vs5 battles. Join us now!
• Squad fps team shooter,10-minute Survival Shooter, Fast 3v3 Battle Royale.

It’s an ultimate shooter battle, it´s a real commandos fire shooter with 3D and FPS shooting effects available! It is a war between your survival squad and the enemies. Just the strongest heroes in the army will win this battle and will ensure their survival. The enemy squad is all over the city, you have to find them in every street before they destroy buildings and kill citizens with their weapons. You must be fast and use more powerful and appropriate weapons and guns for every assault in the city.

Are you ready for this encounter strike shooting and fight action? Are you ready for an army epic battle in the city? Show your best skills as a sniper in the war battlegrounds. The world and the city are living difficult times and need a super hero like you. Your main goal is to save people and ensure their survival.

You can play new pvp shooter survival fire battleground multiplayer mode (with other players and friends), developing a team strategy. You are in the right war squad, you belong to the good team. Welcome to an epic royale fight, it is a fire action. Just the bravest heroes will survive. You will land from a parachute in the middle of the desert and the adventure starts there. Find and discover terrorist enemies in the city. The world needs your commandos epic fight skills and knowledge in war guns. You are one of the best snipers in the world.

The fire storm is about to start. The city is full of snipers and enemies. You are going to live the most difficult fight and your challenge is to survival and ensure the people’s survival. Let´s enjoy a 3D and FPS incredible shooting game!

• High-quality graphics & engaging sound effects!
• Challenging gameplay to scavenge for weapons and guns!
• Gather supplies, guns and war equipment for survival!
• Battle against unknown army squad in world war shooting game!
• Explore the vast battleground as US army commando survival shooter!

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