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PAN India Fisher Friend Mobile Application : An Innovative Decision Support System

The Pan India Fisher Friend Mobile Application (FFMA) is an Android based application designed to provide easy access to all relevant information related to fishing. FFMA is a pioneering single window solution to address knowledge requirements to act as a catalytic and real-time decision making support system for small craft resource-poor fishers who live everyday in fear of failure, loss, and death. The app provides dynamic information that addresses the shore-to-shore knowledge requirements of the fishing community and enables fishers to undertake “informed decision and informed fishing”.

The development, promotion and scaling up of this application is being executed by M S Swaminathan Research Foundation in partnership with Qualcomm under its Wireless Reach Programme. Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS) serves as Knowledge Partner and provide crucial scientific information to the fishers through this app. The benevolent schemes and entitlements are provided by the respective State Fisheries Departments of India.

A multilingual app has been developed in the regional languages of coastal India such as Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Odiya, Bangla, Kannada, Marathi and Gujarati apart from the common English version.

Features of Fisher Friend Mobile Application (FFMA)
GPS for navigating directly to the Potential Fishing Zone (PFZ) and traditional fishing route / zones
Ocean State forecast information such as wave height, wind speed and direction for decision making
Facility of saving and offline viewing of PFZ and traditional fishing ground for future use
Mark danger zones in the Sea such as sunken boat, rock bodies, coral reefs etc.
Market Prices for various fish varieties
Disaster alerts such as cyclone, tsunami and high waves through instant display of alerts in the main screen as well as vibrations
International Border Line (IBL) alert with the Sri Lanka
Compas Facility
SOS (Save our Soul) button for rescue when in critical situation in sea
Navigating Harbour locations when they are in emergency situation
Government schemes and Daily News of the District
My Tracker (Tracking fishing route)
Media archives related to fisheries focused static contents to enhance fishing efficiency)
Calling facility along with crucial contact details
User of this application will be monitored for the access, page views and regularity for internal purposes of MSSRF and Qualcomm. However, no data of its use by the user will be disclosed to anyone without proper explanation and consent. Users are encouraged to promote the application to their known contacts who have interest and real use of it.

No user or promoter of this application will claim its ownership or authorship or patent of any sort and will be liable for legal action if it is done so. Similarly, this application is allowed to be downloaded at free of cost for all the interested users and no person shall charge fee for this. Anyone doing so may be reported to the following e-mail immediately besides contacting the same id for providing suggestions and clarifying their queries on the application.

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