Fast Typing - Learn to type fast!

Fast Typing - Learn to type fast!


Best typing test! Start typing faster, learn to type, typing practice!

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Fast Typing - Learn to type fast! game

Test your typing speed and improve it! Join the best typing club ever!
External keyboard supported, so you can do keyboarding practice on the most accurate typing games!
App for typing practice, test your typing speed and increase it, become typing master!
In the settings you can choose your background.
Type the highlighted word, it becomes red if typed wrong!
See detailed statistics:
1. CWPM (correct words per minute)
2. Correct characters typed
3. CPS (correct characters per second, typing speed)
4. Wrong words
5. Typing accuracy
6. World average for choosen category
7. Your average for choosen category
8. How good you are compared to other users

12 categories, 11 languages available!
1. English
2. Croatian (with and without special letters)
3. Serbian (Cyrillic, Latin with and without special letters)
4. Russian
5. German
6. Italian
7. Spanish
8. French
9. Arabic
10. Hindi
11. Portuguese
12. Numbers (you can choose betwen two types of keyboards)

Race with people all over the globe!
Join our typing club!
By submitting your result you will be able to see your rank in the world and the list of top 10 users for every category!

Save all of your results in one place!
To see all your saved results go to score.

By earning achievements you earn your title!
Become typing master with best title - grand master!
If you want to see what is required for what title just click on the box.

Go to My profile to see a lot of cool statistics!
You can choose your profile name (you can have unlimited number of profiles).
You can see:
1. Your title
2. Your number of trophies
3. How many games you: played, saved, submitted
4. Your best and worst score
5. Total characters and words typed
By clicking on the numbers you can see even more detailed statistic for each category.

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