Fart Sounds Prank App Funny

Fart Sounds Prank App Funny


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Fart Sounds Prank App Funny app

Funny fart soundboard with ringtones - whenever you want to make people laugh!

Make people laugh! Prank soundboard that brings farts to life. This is a practical joke machine.

Here we have more than 50 interesting sound effects and loud noises, all of them are carefully selected and will be updated continuously.

By touching or long pressing a button, you can annoy or confuse your family members with fart sounds.

This Fart Machine has a lot of louder sounds!
The new app feature adds more bass and volume to those booming fart sounds that you asked for. Armed with this pranking app, you are guaranteed to embarrass people whenever the mood strikes you.

Use it anywhere... at parties, school, movies, office, in a baby's diaper, or in the Thanksgiving Turkey! Press the button at the appropriate time to "let it rip"!

Flatulence is often laughed about, but excessive farting can be embarrassing and make you feel uncomfortable around others.

Fart Sounds Prank Apps is application that contain many fart sounds. You can play various fart sounds for free and offline. There are various fart sounds, such as short fart, long fart, funny fart, and fart ringtones songs.

This apps is useful for prank and for entertainment purposes. You can prank your friend or family with this Fart Sounds Prank Apps, or you can just listen to yourself if you wanna laugh.

This apps use simple design to navigate, and very easy to use for all users. You can download it for free to play various fart sounds.

Features :

* 100% Offline.
* Tap to Play the Sounds.
* Clear and High Quality Audio (HQ).
* Set as Ringtones.
* Short Fart, Long Fart, Funny Fart, Fart Ringtones.
* Simple Navigation.
* Easy to Use.
* Full Audio Playlist (Offline).
* Small Size Apps.

Hopefully this Fart Sounds Prank Apps application can be useful. This Apps is 'must-have' if you want to prank your friend or family with fart and noises sounds. Read more
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