Evergreen Club - Fun & Fitness

Evergreen Club - Fun & Fitness


Evergreen Club is a specially curated social app for older adults.

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Evergreen Club - Fun & Fitness app

Evergreen Club is India’s first and largest social networking app & digital platform for anyone aged 50 years & above.

Here, you can safely share photos, videos & connect with new people within the community.

Through the app, you can also book & attend online LIVE sessions, courses & workshops.that are specially curated for older adults.

With 40+ daily live sessions, older adults can connect with like-minded people, have discussions & learn something new.

Join Evergreen Club today to experience all of this & much more.

Share Photos & Videos
- Share pictures, videos, stories and updates with your Evergreen Club friends
- Like, share and comment on posts from your friends
- Express yourself and share memorable moments from your daily life
- Get notifications when someone likes or comments on your post

Make New Friends
- Send and accept friend requests from people you may like to know
- Watch posts and updates from people added in your friend list
- Grow with the community and discover amazing people

My Profile
- Create, edit and update your own user profile
- Add a profile photo, edit basic info and customize your profile the way you want
- Keep a tab on who can see your profile information

The Evergreen Community
- A chance to stay connected and build wonderful friendships within the community
- Explore amazing features and discover new ideas every day
- Share your thoughts, experiences, opinions and ideas in just a few taps

Attend LIVE Sessions
- Choose from a variety of daily live sessions that are conducted by industry experts
- Explore your favourite categories and book a seat for your preferred session
- Attend live, interactive sessions from the comfort of your home
- Receive notes and detailed summaries at the end of expert sessions

Courses & Workshops
- Specially curated courses & workshops that are conducted over a period of days
- Engage in fun activities, discover new hobbies and improve your current skill set
- Receive certificates at the end of each course & workshop

Preferred Interests
- Choose from a variety of sessions and courses based on your preferred interests
- Attend yoga classes, enjoy Antakshari sessions or learn new embroidery skills
- Find blogs, sessions, courses and workshops according to your interests

Learn From Experts
- All sessions, courses and workshops are conducted by experts & trained professionals
- Interact with experts during each session and get answers to all your questions
- Learn from the best experts right from the comfort of your living room

Read Blogs
- New blogs and articles dedicated to the physical & mental well-being of older adults
- Read, comment and share your favourite blogs with your loved ones
- A perfect mix of educational, informative and entertaining content

Enjoy exciting events and activities that are conducted by professionals and industry experts.

Download the Evergreen Club app today to experience a new way of social interaction for older adults. Read more
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