Escape The Dentist Scary Obby Guide

Escape The Dentist Scary Obby Guide


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Welcome to Escape The Dentist Scary Obby Guide.

Welcome to Escape The Dentist Scary Obby Guide.
This app was intended to give users instructions on how to play the Escape The Dentist Obby game. Make sure you have the original game installed. If you don't already have it, this app will teach you how to get it because it's required to play.

If you follow the guidelines, you'll be able to play Escape The Dentist Scary with just one click.

Have you ever had a fear of going to the dentist? You will surely be terrified if you visit this doctor's office.
In this doctor's office, nothing is as it seems. Do you dare to discover a frightening mystery hidden deep in the basement? To spare you and your companions from a terrible revision, show that you are not terrified of the ghoulish dentist by passing all of the tests.
A race against the clock to help other patients before they lose all of their teeth. It's best if you don't touch it.

Playing as a Escape Dentist Obby:
+ Mod for parkour and escape. Other things to look for include Grandma Obby and Grandpa Escape.
+ If you keep up with the tempo, you'll hear some new Friday Night Funkin tunes.
+ Are you prepared to use all of your skill, agility, and courage to avoid the dentist?
+ Top rated mod by FGTEEV
+ Gacha Life is a visually stunning game with a user interface that is easy to use.
+ PK xD game levels in the easiest method possible.
+ You're ready to take on the world of toca life as the best player on the planet.
+ Most played mod by Cookie Swirl

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